Oct 3, 2011

What Kind of Parent Are You?

Parents are the vital role models of their kids, therefore, being a parent is not easy. We are the one, that  really molds our own child. In order to be an effective parent we must be able to know the different approaches of parenting for the development of our own child. There are three ways of parenting; the authoritarian parent, the permissive parent and the authoritative parent. If you already knew these 3 ways, do you know where you belong? For those who doesn't know yet, let us learn where we stand. The permissive parent is the who makes few demands of the child, the one who does not punish or the one who avoids controlling. A child who grew from this kind of parent is usually rebellious and incompetent because the child is free to do what he wants without being expected to be responsible for his actions. While the authoritarian parent is the exact opposite, the child can do her best in school but limited because he a little bit up bit in joining social activity, lack of self confidence. The authoritative parent is combinations of the1st and 2nd ways, parenting here is positive effect because it involves you and your child. Parents respect the capabilities of the child and the child adjust the expectations of the parent. The parent allows the child to get involved in decision-making and problem-solving. They both give spaces to each other, therefore parent can brought up the child in better ways; the child will develop her self-confidence and she will be emotionally stable and have a self-esteem.

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