Jul 30, 2012

Free Bloggers Opportunity: Hello Kitty Humidifier

What a cute Humidier for giveaways.....can't wait to join this giveaway.
free sign-ups for

Hello Kitty Humidifier

I am looking for some awesome bloggers (that's you) to help promote this Hello Kitty Humidifier and in exchange I will give you one FREE Facebook link on my Rafflecopter form! 
The giveaway will run from August 6th to August 20th. I will email you the HTML code to post on your blog but ask that you add 2 sentences in the beginning of the post, to help your page rank with Google. Your post must be up no later then 12pm (EST) on August 6th or you will be removed from the form.

Please make sure to share this giveaway a minimum of 5 times on your facebook page. Besides, the more we promote it, the more fans we get... The more fans we get... well that's just plain awesome!!

Head on over HERE and fill out the form

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